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Northwest District Newsletter

December 2018

A Letter from your District Superintendent


Marlin Fenn


It’s the most _______ time of the year!   How do we fill in the blank?  We might fill it in with the word from that song that says it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Or we might fill it in with another word or phrase that expresses what we’re feeling right now.  For many it’s a joyful time of anticipation.  For others it’s the most materialistic time of the year.  For many it’s the most generous time of the year.  Whatever we might be feeling or experiencing, this season stands out as different in some significant way from January through November.

My prayer is that this might be the holiest time of year; a time to look for God’s presence.  God is moving in powerful ways right now.  The anxieties of our society and the fears of many in our church may disguise the fact that God is working around us, within us, and through us to bring hope and peace.  Simeon was looking for the Messiah and saw the fulfillment of his lifelong yearning in the face of the baby Jesus.  I wonder if anyone standing around him in the Temple saw the hope he saw.  What we see is often determined by what we are looking for.  Where others just saw another peasant child being presented in the Temple, Simeon saw the salvation of his people.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s also the most joyful, most fearful, most anxious, and most empathetic time of the year.  I pray that, whatever we are experiencing and whatever we are looking for, this will be a time to know that God is near and that God is working.  May the peace of Christ be with us.



Psalms 9:10
10 Those who know your name trust in you,
    for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.


Perkins School
Youth Ministry

Jan 7-10 2019

Event will be held at Lanes Chapel UMC


Please Contact Kay Lynn Fenn @ 281-507-6783
She is available to speak to groups about this effort and about CASA in general for churches that are interested.  



 **Follow the links for more information

December 24- January 1

Office Closed

January 3

Early Report Day

January 5

Annual Clergy Epiphany Brunch @ Lanes Chapel

January 7

Report Day

January 7-10

Perkins School of Youth Ministry

January 11 & 12

Winter Candidacy Summit

January 14

Quadrant Meeting: Tyler 10 AM, Mineola 2 PM

January 15

Quadrant Meeting: Athens 10 AM, Palestine 2 PM

February 11

Quadrant Meeting: Tyler 10 AM, Mineola 2 PM

February 12

Quadrant Meeting: Athens 10 AM, Palestine 2 PM

March 11

Quadrant Meeting: Tyler 10 AM, Mineola 2 PM

March 12

Quadrant Meeting: Athens 10 AM, Palestine 2 PM

April 22
Quadrant Meeting: Tyler 10 AM, Mineola 2 PM

April 23

Quadrant Meeting: Athens 10 AM, Palestine 2 PM

May 13

Quadrant Meeting: Tyler 10 AM, Mineola 2 PM

May 14

Quadrant Meeting: Athens 10 AM, Palestine 2 PM

March 1-3

Ignite Youth Retreat @ Lakeview Conference Center




There is a new web space for young people in the TAC

This has information about our events, opportunities, trainings, forms, and more!

Eddie Erwin

Director of Youth and Young Adults TAC

You can always check the District website for upcoming events.  Just click the link below:




Wesley House 

Wesley House is a residence hall located in the heart of the Tyler Junior College campus and operated by the United Methodist Church.  Located next door to Campus Safety and across from the Rogers Student Center, Wesley House serves as home to as many as 80 women and men.  It is a Christian environment with opportunities for Bible study, worship, and fellowship.  The staff includes an ordained minister and several Christian leaders, including Christian resident assistants and a community director.


Lunch is served free to students of Tyler Junior College from 11am to 1pm on Tuesdays, as an outreach ministry of Wesley House.  As many as 200 students a week will come to eat lunch, receive scripture cards, fellowship and participate in lunch time Bible studies.





 It costs approximately $300 per week to sustain this ministry.  Contribute all or part of that amount by sending a check to Wesley House, earmarked “Tuesday Lunch.” Cook a warm meal!  Students love receiving hot meals prepared just for them!   Popular menu items include chili, fried chicken, and pasta.  Bring your meal ready to serve with all needed paper goods.  Enjoy interaction with students as you serve!  Contact Wesley House to schedule your special Tuesday! Send cookies!  Homemade cookies are always welcome!  Students love receiving them!  Approximately 32 dozen cookies are needed for the students, and an extra dozen for the staff would be great!  Contact Wesley House to let us know when you can supply cookies!  Include info on your church, worship times and programs that would appeal to college age students in your cookie packs!


Cash contributions to cover the cost of cardstock and printing of scripture cards are welcome.  These cards contain a scripture passage, a welcome statement, contact information for prayer support, and the schedule of activities at Wesley House for the week.  They invite students to participate in these activities.
Your support of this important outreach to college students will be most appreciated!

Contact information: 
1400 E. Lake Street, Tyler, TX 75701  




(Letter from Bishop Jones)

I often say that the three most important factors in a vibrant, healthy congregation are leadership, leadership, and leadership. Lay leader-ship is crucial, and we are working at developing the best laity we can. But laity tell me that the quality of their pastor is also very important.

I am very proud that the Texas Annual Conference has a process for investing in young clergy leadership. The median age of active United Methodist clergy in our conference is 54 years old, which does not fare well for our churches in the next decade. The goal of the Emerging Leaders Initiative is to create a new generation of the United Methodist clergy for the future of the Texas Annual Conference. Thanks to the generous donors of the permanent endowment fund like Moody Methodist Permanent Endowment Fund, we currently have $5 million to identify, recruit, train, and support clergy across all our districts. But we still have a long way to go. As your Bishop, I thank you for supporting this effort in the past, and I am asking you to look to the future as well. Please consider ways to contribute to this fund to make sure the next generation of United Methodist leaders are within reach for our denomination.

Grace and peace, Bishop Scott J. Jones


ELE works to attract, encourage & develop young people on their journey to ministry.  Your church is encouraged to use special offering opportunities to contribute towards the endowment.
Please make checks payable to :
Heartspring Methodist Foundation, memo ELE #44480 and

Mail  to:  

Emerging Leaders Endowment
Texas Annual Conference The United Methodist Church
5215 Main Street Houston, TX 77002




The Texas Annual Conference has established three regional offices to help with Texas Recovers. If you need help please  contact us below to submit a form requesting assistance. Someone will contact you as soon as they can. 


This is the information on


Houston Office

Karen Preston-Fernandez

Lake Jackson Office

Rachel Brownlie

Beaumont Office

Linda Buser



Northwest District Office

324 West Elm Street
Tyler, TX 75702
Office : 903.593.1861

Fax: 903.593.0074


Remember to check out the District Website for News & Updates

Texas Annual Conference Website

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