Seeking Candidacy

1st Go to the TXCUMC website for further information. Talk with your local pastor as well.

Persons who feel that God is calling them to ministry in The United Methodist Church will be participating in a process of discernment and examination that may lead to being either licensed or ordained as a United Methodist clergy.  It is an involved process that requires a person to be listening for God’s call each step along the way.  It also involves lots of other people who God has placed in the process to verify a person’s call to ministry.

In order to begin the Candidacy Process you should apply to your District Superintendent in writing including a statement of your call, asking for permission to enter the candidacy process, and asking to be assigned a candidacy mentor.  Your mentor and District Superintendent will assist you further as you begin the process


Here is a helpful outline of the process from the discipline courtesy of Asbury Seminary

Candidacy Process for the Deacon, Elder, and Local Pastor

Step 1. Inquiring Candidate: Book of Discipline par. 306.1

  • Contact the pastor in the local church or another deacon or elder
  • Read The Christian as Minister
  • Participate in Ministry Inquiry Process with a guide

Step 2. Exploring Candidate: par. 306.2

  • Member of The United Methodist Church for two (2) years including a year of service in some form of congregational leadership
  • Apply to DS for candidacy packet and be assigned a candidacy mentor by DS/DCOM
  • Apply to GBHEM for Candidacy Guidebook using Form 101 (send $50 to GBHEM)
  • Complete exploration of candidacy with the mentor (the first two sections of the Candidacy Guidebook)

Step 3. Declared Candidate: par. 306.3

  • Written statement of call and request for recommendation
  • High school graduate
  • Consult with the pastor and interview by Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • Recommended by charge conference
  • Continue candidacy studies with candidacy mentor and school

Step 4. Certified Candidate: par. 306.4

  • Written response to ministry
  • Psychological assessment report
  • Provide other information upon request
  • Agree to make a complete dedication of themselves to the highest ideals of the Christian life
  • Examination and approval by DCOM

Local Pastor – Completed candidacy certification, licensed, and assigned a clergy mentor ¶341.

Step 5. Continuation of Candidacy: par. 307

  • Annual recommendation by charge conference
  • Annual approval by DCOM
  • Annual report of satisfactory progress of studies and copy of transcripts from university or school of theology

Step 6. Completion of Candidacy par. 315

  • Certified candidate for minimum of two (2) years, maximum twelve (12) years
  • Two (2) years in service ministry
  • Completion of academic requirements
  • Health certificate
  • Written and oral doctrinal exam and written autobiographical statement
  • Interview and recommendation by 3/4 vote of DCOM
  • Notarized statement certifying that the candidate has neither been accused in writing nor convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or any incident of sexual misconduct
  • Interview with the BOM
  • Recommendation by BOM
  • Election to probationary membership by clergy session

Commissioning to specialized ministry as probationary member